The Systems Strategy

#029: 5 Steps You Need to Follow for Good Team Onboarding

August 3, 2020

Ready to build your team? 🙌  Regardless of whether you’re just considering hiring your first team member or you’ve already got a team and want to grow it even more — you can always get more systemized 🤓


In this episode, I’m going to walk through the 5 steps of my Team Onboarding System so that you can make sure you’re doing it the easiest + best way possible. Hiring, onboarding, and delegating can be stressful. And if it’s your first time, you might get in over your head before you realize it!

Avoid the pitfalls of building your team the wrong way by listening to this episode now! 💃🏻

And make sure to join The Systems Society if you want access to all of the templates, scripts, and workflows I talk about in this episode!

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