The Systems Strategy

#025: How to Create an Easy Instagram System For Yourself & Clients

July 6, 2020

In my opinion, pretty much every business out there should be using Instagram. It’s a great platform for connecting with others, building relationships, and sharing your expertise. Instagram can help you grow your business in many ways — that’s why I love it so much! But what I DON’T love about Instagram is how much freaking time it takes. I wanted to figure out a way to take advantage of Instagram, but not have to spend hours and hours every week on it. So I created an Instagram System that allows me to do just that!  

This Instagram System I’m going over today is primarily for saving time on creating your IG feed posts. This is arguably the most time-intensive piece of Instagram marketing. So if you can get this one piece more systemized and created in an efficient way, it will save you a LOT of time and energy. Then, you can use some of that extra free time to focus on some of the things that aren’t as easy to systemize with Instagram — like sharing daily IG Stories and engaging with your audience. After using this system since 2016 for myself and my clients, now I’m sharing my Never-Ending Instagram System for the first time!

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